Back Pain and Sciatica

Lower back pain is very common, and conventional treatment methods are temporary fixes at best. The low back is a structure that often degenerates over time. This degeneration can lead to sciatica, or radiation of pain down one or both legs.  

Most treatments include anti-inflammatory medications or cortisone shots to reduce inflammation and thereby pain. The downside is that there is an underlying cause which is often overlooked. This leads to further degeneration of the joints and discs in the spine, which means more pain, and ultimately surgery.

What if there was a way to REGENERATE the joints? Seems logical. Dr. Sorr has had incredible success with people who have failed conventional treatment methods and standards of care. Regenerative Medicine is a method of using your own body's repair mechanisms to thicken and strengthen joints, ligaments, and tendons that have difficulty healing on their own.

In addition to our medical services, Dr. Sorr has years of experience in teaching Yoga and postural correction. He offers a unique and comprehensive approach to reversing back pain and keeps it from coming back.  

Most Conventional treatment methods fail for most people because they don’t treat the root cause of disease. Only by adding health to a diseased system will health return.

Dr. Sorr has advanced training and clinical experience in regenerative injections such as Prolotherapy, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), and Stem Cell Injections. These solutions, depending on complexity and severity of disease process, work with the body's natural healing systems to eliminate the source of the pain. 

Important Information to Consider

Regenerative injection therapies have been researched and verified in tens of thousands of peer reviewed journal studies to regrow cartilage, meniscus, ligaments, and tendons. There is no other treatment in the conventional medical world that compares to the success of regenerative injections.

Don't be fooled by a conventional "pain management" clinics which suggest that this option is only for those individuals who have exhausted all other treatment options. This is simply not the case. The reason this misinformation is spread is because conventional options are covered by insurance.

Regenerative injections are currently considered "experimental" according to the FDA and insurance companies. The FDA is currently "evaluating" this therapy. Interestingly enough, however, prolotherapy has been used as a medical treatment since the 1930s, decades before the discovery of many antibiotics and other pharmaceutical drugs currently manufactured and sold to the public, all of which have potentially hazardous side effects. Comparatively, regenerative injections have a longer history of successful use in treatment than most conventional treatments that merely cover up, rather than resolve, pain.

At Source of Health, our goal is to heal the body so you can return back to living your life again, pain free!

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