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Stem Cell For Knee Pain

Suffering From Joint Pain?

Our doctors are experts in treating chronic joint pain and degenerative joint disease (DJD) without drugs or surgery!  If you feel like you have tried everything and are considering a joint replacement, STOP and get a second opinion.  
We have helped many patients avoid surgery and get off of their pain medications so they can live a full, radiant life PAIN FREE!

Joint inflammation, AKA arthritis and pain, not only cost people financially but also detract from experiences living their life and doing what they love to do! Arthritis is often thought of as a result of getting older or genetics, but this isn't totally true. Osteoarthritis is the most common form, which is from wear and tear, overuse, and misuse of the joints.

According to the CDC, by 2030 an estimated 67 million people over 18 years old will be diagnosed with arthritis. It is also reported as an "incurable disease." At Source of Health, we believe that this process is reversible with a few key principles. We believe there is hope in regenerating and healing your body with our unique methods. For many people from mild to severe joint pain, we have solutions to meet your health needs and goals.

Our doctors listen, are very caring and spend time, educating you on conventional and traditional treatment options.  We provide custom treatment plans based on you.

Complete the quiz on this page and we will be in touch to help you as soon as possible.  We are looking forward to helping you feel better soon! 

Dr. Steven Sorr, Regenerative Medicine Expert