IV Nutrient Therapy
for Health and Wellness

Choose from one of our GREAT 8 DRIP LOUNGE IVs or create a custom IV to reach your health goals. Don't have time to get an infusion? Try a quick boost from our SHOT BAR.
Membership Programs are available for those who want to infuse health and vitality regularly at a discounted price.

THE BEST IV DRIP LOUNGE IN SCOTTSDALE: NO CO-PAY, NO OFFICE CONSULT, pure & effective physician formulations!


Administering vitamins, minerals, and amino acids has an amazing benefit when given in an IV. Many of us have a hard time absorbing nutrients when we are stressed or sick.

Since IVs bypass the gut, you can get 100% of the nutrients right to the tissues that need them most. For example, Vitamin C can be given in much higher doses than when taken orally.

Our relaxing Drip Lounge allows you some much needed R&R while you receive your IV. Depending on what condition we are treating, your IV is custom blended to suit your individual needs.  

  • Increase healing ability of the body
  • Recovery from or preparation for an athletic event
  • Low energy
  • Cold and flu prevention, treatment and recovery
  • Dehydration
  • Mood balancing – anxiety, depression, chronic stress
  • Detoxification
  • Poor intestinal absorption found in Crohn’s, Celiac Disease, IBS and many others


Becoming a member is the best way to take advantage of IV nutrient therapy.  Your IVs are cumulative and never expire!  So the more you go, the more health you can infuse.


If you refer a friend in your first 30 days, you receive a FREE Drip.  Afterwards, each referral grants you a FREE SHOT BAR upgrade!  Just a small way to say thank you!