How Micro-Tears Cause Chronic Pain

For millions of people who suffer with chronic pain on a daily basis, the conventional approach just doesn't cut it and leaves people with side effects from drugs and failed or botched surgeries that lead to more surgeries.  I have seen countless patient who have “tried everything” and are in no better shape than when they started. In fact, they are worse because many of them have been in pain for decades.

Interventional pain management doctors can only drug you to ignore pain so much and surgeons are left with the only option to cut it out or fuse the bones so there’s no more movement.  These treatment options are outright archaic and, dare I say, idiotic.

What has proven to be an incredible success strategy is to treat the underlying cause of pain. 
Makes sense right?  Well all doctors are smart and have extensive training and degrees so why are they failing so miserably?  Plain and simple, they are not looking hard enough at the root cause.  

Micro-tears to our connective tissue (ligaments, tendons, labrum, etc.) do not show up on any imaging studies like MRI or X-Ray so if it cannot be seen, then it doesn't exist — this is reductionistic thinking.

To the educated and experienced physician, a micro-tear can lay dormant for years or progressively get worse with time until there is havoc on the body. The individual takes over the counter medication like ibuprofen for years thinking nothing major is going wrong.  In fact, most people chalk it up to old age.

This is not the case at all.  What we now know is that when a ligament, let’s say in the spine, has a micro-tear, it sets up a chain of events to protect itself from further damage and the body’s adaptive mechanisms begin.  Pain, muscle spasms, and weakness are symptoms that are telling the person that there is something wrong but we are trained to think that is what to treat.  WRONG!

These micro-tears are where targeted therapy outshines all other methods.  Prolotherapy aka Regenerative Injection Therapy is the process of tricking the body to initiate the healing response on these areas on pain.  The skilled physician can help these areas to heal typically in 3-6 visits using safe, natural solutions.

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Top 10 Health Benefits of Pumpkin

Pumpkins are not just for Halloween decorations or a so-called “pumpkin-spiced latte” from your over-priced coffee shop (which contains no actual pumpkin). There are surprisingly many health benefits from this ghoulish gourd. 

Top 10 Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric is one of most powerful plant medicines ever discovered. It has potent effects on inflammation, oxidative stress and even cancer that most drugs cannot even come close to, yet alone having such a profound, broad range of health benefits without harsh side effects like most drugs have.

Should You Go Gluten Free?

Gluten has become increasingly more and more feared in recent times due to its harmful effects on the body, specifically the gut lining.  It has been associated with numerous types of diseases such as celiac and type 1 diabetes.  But what about other types of conditions such as brain fog, fatigue, and joint pain?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy for Knee Osteoarthritis

In this article, Dr. Steven Sorr discusses the use of PRP Therapy for the treatment of a common knee condition called osteoarthritis. Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP therapy is one of a few techniques in a branch of medicine called Regenerative Injection Therapies.  PRP Therapy is been used since the 1990s to heal tissue by utilizing the patient’s own platelets, concentrated with a centrifuge and delivered back into an area of damage or degeneration.  The resultant wound healing process is amplified and stronger than if left alone.


Source of Health, LLC uses stem cells to help patients overcome all manner of pain. Through this technology, the firm proves that it’s possible to lead a pain-free life. The company uses natural therapies to help patients obtain relief from pain. Furthermore, the natural therapies are also great for body contouring and anti-aging.

How Plastic Makes You Fat

BPA and phthalates are chemicals found in plastic products that have caused an increase in obesity and diabetes over the past decades.  While it is true that manufacturers have decreased the use of BPA (Bisphenol-A), this has led them to use BPS (Bisphenol-S) and other variants that are not flagged by the FDA or media.  Multiple research studies have overwhelmingly confirm these chemical have a significant effect on obesity and diabetes in both humans and even our pets.

Are you Eating the Right Veggies?

We’ve all been told to eat your veggies while growing up.  And now that we are all grown up, the message still continues, even stronger than ever.  Not all vegetables are created equal.  Recent studies have show there are certain vegetables that contain powerful plant medicine that can prevent and reverse certain cancers, neurodegenerative diseases, hormonal dysfunction, metabolic syndrome, oxidative stress, and chronic inflammation.

Hormone Disruptors Found in Meat and Dairy

Phthalate and Bisphenol A (BPA) have been measure at extremely high levels in most of the meat and dairy products, with the highest levels found in poultry.  These chemicals which are added to plastics and PVC tubing for keeping plastics soft and pliable are severely impacting the health and well-being of the public.

Why Are You So Low In Testosterone?

Low Testosterone

Boosting testosterone is a billion dollar business.  Testosterone pretty much defines what it is to be a man.  But it’s so much more than that. Women also need this hormone; and when levels return to an optimal level, symptoms of health are restored - increased strength, energy, libido, confidence, and mental clarity for both genders.

But are we masking a bigger underlying issue by simply replacing what isn’t there?  I think the answer to that is complicated. So let’s try to understand what is testosterone and what makes it go up and down depending on age and other factors.

On average, a man loses 1% of total testosterone every year after mid 20’s.  This alone is a problem as we age; but that is an old average.  I have seen many men in their 40’s with levels of a man in his 80’s!!!  There is something more insidious at play than age alone.

We all know stress doesn’t make anything better. In fact, as stress levels go up, cortisol levels rise in long term stress conditions.  Both cortisol and testosterone come from cholesterol; and comprise of a whole family of steroid hormones.  If the body experiences stress, cholesterol is shunted to produce cortisol and not testosterone.  It is a simple decision of the body - survival mode or “thrival mode.”

Furthermore, cortisol raises belly fat; and fat cells have an enzyme, called aromatase, that converts testosterone to estrogen.  This becomes a vicious cycle.This is a major factor for many people, both men and women; and deserves an entire book on the subject.  Take home message, lower stress levels - yoga, deep breathing, meditation, exercise (done right), nutrition, herbs, and so on.

Environmental Hormone Disruptors
Monsanto’s leading pesticide found in Roundup.  This toxic chemical is causing major issues as it is a powerful sequester of minerals like zinc and manganese; important for hundreds of chemical reactions in your body, especially in testosterone production.  In fact, most of the gluten sensitivity that we are seeing clinically is not celiac disease or even an allergy, but a reaction to the glyphosate sprayed on our grains.  This is a very big problem that we are just beginning to uncover and being that 38 countries have already banned this substance, hopefully America is not far behind.  Take home message, eat food that is not sprayed with pesticide!I saved the best/worst for last! 

Xenoestrogens are a class of man-made synthetic substances that, when put in or on our bodies, bind to estrogen receptors and cause long term imbalances to our steroid hormone system.  While men and women have different levels of estrogen and testosterone, I have seen men with DOUBLE their estrogen level!  This is clearly not a favorable outcome for men.  And some women have very high levels of estrogen which cause a whole world of issues for them.

Many doctors are just simply replacing low hormone levels without really tackling the underlying cause.  Naturopathic physicians are trained from the get go with the right philosophy to do everything we can before going to replacing the hormones, when appropriate.  There are some natural ways to boost the good hormones and reduce the less favorable ones.  We use the science of nutrition, metabolism and even certain botanicals to assist the body in the healthy balance of hormones.  Testosterone is the acclaimed “fountain of youth” for men and we now know so much more about how to do it correctly without harmful risks or side effects.  Consult with your friendly neighborhood naturopathic physician and get started to achieving a healthier you both inside and out.

by Dr. Steven Sorr, Medical Director at Source of Health in Scottsdale, AZ

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Why is your diet increasing your pain?

Inflammatory Foods

Why is your diet increasing your pain?

Isn’t it strange that when we were younger, we could eat anything we wanted without much consequence?  While yes, there are some age factors at play with shifts in hormones that occur naturally; there is another culprit behind your pain.  Processed foods!

Processed foods are more ubiquitous nowadays than ever before.  The obvious ones are cookies, cakes, and candies; but it’s not just the dessert part of our diet that processed foods sneak in.  

As a Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Chef, I became proficient in the art and science of processing food to make your tastebuds sing!  After many years in the restaurant business, I realized that there had to be another way to help people.  As I studied more about nutrition and finally through medical school, I realized that my gut instinct to leave the culinary world was spot on. Our foods are causing inflammation and chronic diseases throughout our population across all ages at an alarming rate.

Meat & Dairy

Beef, pork, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy products have all been processed, packaged and delivered to you, the consumer, in a way that makes you think they are good for you.  Let me explain.  This is not a “vegan only diet” fad that I am making a strive for, even though the best studies have shown that a plant-based diet is the best long-term way to eat for humans around the world.  Our meats are processed from the time these animals are born.  

Food is made up of the basic protein, fat and carbohydrates plus all of the other micronutrients, vitamins and minerals.  What has happened to our food in the past few decades is horrifying.  Most of the producers are trying to increase their profit margins to make more money. The way they do this is to minimize waste, disease amongst the livestock, and maximize their yield per animal.  Food science has made incredible discoveries just as all other fields in science have.  

But the consumer is the one who loses. The healthy fats have been replaced by inflammatory fats; the animals are living in extremely close quarters to each other which causes high levels of stress hormone (cortisol) to surge throughout their body; and the micronutrients, vitamins and mineral content are depleted from the livestock.  This all trickles down into what you are getting, and not getting in your diet.

Ingredients not on your food labels

Hormones, pesticide, herbicides, antibiotics and hormone disrupting chemicals are everywhere in our food and drinks.  The goal of processing for increased yield makes a farmer or manufacturer add these to their crops, livestock or batches of processed foods in order to boost their yield again.  This is a huge topic so to be brief, these are causing inflammation, hormonal imbalances and disrupting the crucial micro biome of good bacteria that keep us healthy and prevent the bad bugs from causing us harm.  In short, another cause of inflammation that is extremely modifiable based on your decision making skills at the grocery store.


I can’t leave this little treasure out of the conversation!  Sugar consumption is at an all time high in the country and the disease rates keep on growing.  We never, in all of human history, had the amount of chronic diseases than now.  Auto-immune, cancers and other strange diseases keep popping up.  The average sugar consumption has risen 10 fold in the past century.  Sugar causes inflammation (IL-6 and TNF-alpha).  The addictive quality of sugar is in line with that of cocaine.  It is a big dopamine releaser which reinforces you to make the same behavior over and over again…an addict!

In summary, “food can be the greatest of medicines or the slowest form of poison.”  I truly believe that by getting educated throughout my life I have been given a huge gift to give back to the community.  Teaching others about diet and lifestyle is always going to be beneficial.  Our reach for drugs and bandaids only prolongs the underlying problem.  Getting rid of underlying causes of inflammation can certainly help decrease your pain.  I have had countless clinical experiences in making simple changes to a person and having significant reductions in pain, inflammation and removing patients off of their medication. YOU can do this and I can help. Living a better life is possible, free of unnecessary inflammation!

How to Treat Back Pain and Sciatica Naturally

How Common is Back Pain?

Millions of people experience back pain on a daily basis. According to the CDC, 8 out of 10 people will have back pain at some point in their lives, and many will have a chronic case for many years before seeking professional treatment. Sciatica, a painful condition that stems from the low back and radiates down one or both legs, accounts for about 10% of reported cases of back pain. The healthcare industry has long used drugs as the first line of therapy for pain and inflammation, treating the symptoms but not the cause. The good news is this trend is now changing.

What Causes Back Pain?

Conditions that lead to back pain have a few common causes. These are both preventable and treatable, without the use of drugs or surgery. For prevention, it’s important to know how body mechanics work. The joints in our spine are designed to take normal wear and tear through walking, running, and activities of daily life. However, the low back, or lumbar spine, is prone to damage from sitting with poor posture for long periods of time. Slouching puts an abnormally high force on one’s low back. It removes the healthy curvature of the spine, which bulges and over-stretches the ligaments and tendons that support the joints.

Ligaments Tear Like Steel Cables

Quick, sudden movements, such as swinging a golf club or lifting a heavy object, can also cause an injury to develop in the lumbar spine. Once this process begins, the joint slowly begins to degenerate and weaken, leading to bulging discs, pinched nerves, and sciatica.

How is Most Back Pain Treated?

Conventional medical treatments for back pain usually involve temporarily turning off the pain or inflammation in the area. Narcotic pain medications and cortisone shots are two of many examples of these short-term fixes. While temporary treatment can improve quality of life for a time, it fails to address the cause of the issue: the weakened joint complex that began the degeneration process in the first place. In this way, these conventional treatments can actually make conditions worse over time. 

Is There a Better Way?

Process of PRP

Today, we have a solution to back pain and sciatica that treats the cause of pain, not just the symptoms. Better yet, it uses your own body to heal you, rather than pharmaceutical drugs. This solution is a series of injections using your own platelets. A small amount of blood is drawn from you in office on the same day of treatment. This blood is processed to concentrate your own body’s platelets, which are filled with growth factors called PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma. When delivered through injection to the site of injury, your PRP begins the tissue repair process. It adds more collagen to your ligaments and tendons, strengthening the connection and stabilizing the joints. 

This therapy is always combined with specific therapeutic exercises to strengthen the muscles in the back, preventing the issue from happening again. Together, these treatments resolve pain, rather than simply managing it.

Everyone’s bodies are different, of course, and not all types of back pain are treated in the same way. At Source of Health, Dr. Sorr takes each patient’s history into account, and uses physical exams and diagnostic imaging, such as MRIs and X-rays, to formulate the best possible treatment plan for that individual. The commitment to resolving pain, rather than covering it up, however, remains the same. 

Is It Covered By Insurance? 5 Words That Break Your Doctor’s Heart

Imagine how many people in America suffer from physical musculoskeletal pain the amount of drugs and surgical procedures that are done every year to pacify or reduce pain. The numbers are staggering.  Now what if you had a solution that costs less than 10% of conventional treatment with more long lasting benefits.  You would see a line around the corner from morning to night. But that solution isn’t accepted by the “Health Insurance.” So it is placed on the back burner, labeled as experimental and discredited by surgeons and pain management doctors that aren't trained in this therapy.

Stand Up to Stress with Better Posture

Most Athletes know that proper form means the difference between the winning stroke, pitch, catch or throw. Furthermore we can see degenerate posture lead to spine and joint pain over decades.  But how can we make a difference in how we stand up? Do I need to focus on my posture every moment of the day? That seems impossible!

Posture boosts testosterone

“Sitting Is The New Smoking”

For years I have been teaching Yoga students this principle and beyond the chuckle of the title, it really drives home the point that how we spend most of our time becomes our habit. Good habits heal you and bad ones kill you, slowly but predictably.  Slumping cuts off your ability to breathe and oxygenate effectively. It also leads to arthritis, back and joint pain.

According to Saha et al. (2007), when patients present with a trunk flexed posture, their level of oxygen consumption is greater, and the change in muscle activation leads to greater energy expenditure. An interesting study evaluated the kinematics of running for triathletes and marathon runners. They found that triathletes tend to have less energy at the end of a race because they have a more flexed forward posture after biking than marathon runners do from just running. Upright posture supports efficiency in energy expenditure (Hausswirth, 1997).

Slumping decreases metabolism and raises cortisol levels

The neurological and hormonal (neuroendocrine) effect of proper posture is just the opposite of postural collapse. Carney et al. (2010) demonstrated that patients who present with proper posture have lower levels of cortisol. Levine et al. (2005) determined the connection between proper posture and decreased obesity, stating that individuals with intentional changes of posture during activities of daily living burn 350 calories more per day on average in comparison to patients who present with sedentary postural presentations.

In this TED talk, Amy Cuddy describes how your body language shapes who you are.  Testosterone is a confidence hormone and cortisol is a fear hormone.  By changing your posture, you can boost testosterone levels.

We learn posture from our family, friends and the work that we do.  To gain better posture, we must break the old habits.  Motivation and a postural coach are essential to this process.  Measurements periodically along the process track positive changes and encourage the mind and body to keep going on the proper posture path.

To get started, we will conduct a physical exam and order any appropriate testing or imaging. Then a treatment program will be designed with postural rehabilitation exercises, spinal adjustments and nutritional supplementation to ensure the body gets all of the Core Essentials it needs to operate effectively.  Periodically, we will reassess and track progress.

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